Reinstating Activities after Lockdown

After the extension to the lockdown order to May 30, 2020, the Mexican government will start implementing a strategy to reinstate activities starting May 18, 2020 in accordance with the resolutions published on 5/14/2020 and 5/15/2020.

The approach is to begin reinstating activities gradually – subject to the below stages – starting with municipalities that have no confirmed cases, and by getting companies to implement and follow health safety protocols, as will be furthered instructed by the Ministry of Health, during the period that runs from May 18 to June 1. These health safety protocols, which have not been published as of today and are likely to remain in place indefinitely, must also be implemented by companies that carry out essential activities. Companies in the auto industry will also have to comply with health safety measures in their country of origin.

Companies that do not comply with these protocols will be either shut down or not allowed to reinstate activities.

Moreover, activities entailing constructionmining and manufacturing of transportation equipment are now considered essential activities.

Stage 1: Starting on May 18, 2020.

Reinstating activities in municipalities without confirmed cases of Covid-19, and without surrounding municipalities with confirmed cases, such as some municipalities in central Chihuahua and Sonora.

Stage 2: from May 18 – May 31.

Formulate a plan to resume activities in accordance with health safety guidelines that will be issued by the Health Ministry in coordination with the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and the Mexican Institute of Social Security.

Stage 3: Commencing June 1, the activities will be reinstated by regions in accordance with the following chart.


Make sure to check back for updates as there are clearly more related resolutions to come in the following days.

Caveat: Do not make a decision based on the above content. This post is not legal advice but an overview of the abovementioned subjects. If you need counseling please feel free to reach out.

Reinstating Activities after Lockdown
13 May, 2021
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